JLTV Photos: Concept/Demo/Proposed/Prototype Variants

Today, we’ve finished our work (for the time being) on the JLTV series. This last installment consists of a bunch of photos showing concept, demonstration, proposed and prototype variants. If you want to see these weird and wonderful vehicles, you can go to our JLTV Series Index here: WarWheels.Net- M1278/M1279/M1280/M1281 Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) / Light Combat Tactical-All Terrain Vehicle (L-ATV) Index

Very cool photos, thanks!

Some of the JLTV variants shown are not in U.S. service, such as the cargo JLTV with SPIKE missiles. The USMC is testing that one for Force Design 2030, but no indication that it will buy it just yet. Other NATO nations have some of these JLTV variants compared to the U.S.

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