JT heat barrier for troops

Not a field modification, it’s the post-war Swedish Tiger II.


Great catch!

Isn’t knuckle -busting part of being a handyman or even a modeler? Many scars. The worst was a box cutter.

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Copy that 18Bravo. As for me, I’m going to use some artistic license and make one of our thin brass hobby sheet. Wth? Who cares . I see modelers make all sorts of modifications why not this one? Makes more sense to have it fixed in place anyway.

Well said!

what number is that?

Mentioned by @SSGToms


say, would anyone lose it if i just made a bespoke shield out of thin brass sheet? i’ll gladly shove a fender in there but it looks ……

it’d look good either way; though sanding the back to thin out the plastic fender part wouldn’t hurt either.

I wouldn’t
but my opinion matters very little in this world (have to be realistic about my own importance)

It is YOUR model after all, if you fancy a bespoke shield then go for it.

it is exactly a factory fender! my thinking on this has evolved into more of a “what if” or something which should’ve been done as a deliberate design element. In my JT build i’m torn . do i just want to shove a fender in there? maybe it fell off and they’re holding on to it until they can bolt it on again while it serves as flimsy up armor or heat shield? idk. i might try to make a part and see how ridiculous it looks.

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A. No one is going to “kill” you for asking a question.
B. It is a fender.
C. It may have been intended as a heat shield.
D. The Tiger II and Jagdtiger were not intended as assault vehicles so they weren’t designed to carry troops and sensibly did not include any design features to protect troops carried on the rear deck. Germany and the US, unlike the USSR, had armored infantry carriers. The Soviets fully expected to carry troops, exposed, on their tanks and included handrails on the turrets and hulls for them. Up to the T-62, at least, there was a interphone connection high on the back of the turret specifically for “landing troops”. This was not accessible from the ground so it could not serve as an infantry phone as on US tanks.
E. Can we just go back to saying “custom” instead of “bespoke”, and “selected” instead of “curated”? Assigning fancy terms to mundane tasks does not make them classier.


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Pretty sure it was just a convenient spot to hold it until they could fix whatever issue caused it to come off. I see no value as a heat shield and as armor what is it protecting? The tank itself is better armored than that mud deflector.

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Just as soon as Troy Aikman goes back to “open field” instead of “space” and “position” instead of “leverage.” Oh, and "displacing’ instead of “moving his ass out of the way.”


That only applies to 3-1/2 hour blocks, 18 times a year, on cable. I can cut that down to three times a year in most years. The things I mentioned are everywhere and incessant. First things first.


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as in “never effing stops” ?
Asking for a friend … :wink:

Custom is not a direct replacement for bespoke,
it would need to be “custom made” or “customized”

That’s why I love it here - lots of folks divided by a common language! :rofl:

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Sort of. I’m not against polysyllabism (quite in favor of it, actually), just people using words to make the common seem to be fancy. It’s right up there with replacing “I” and “me” with “myself” in order to show some sort of fake modesty or refinement.

Neither is “never effing stops” for “incessant”, but you managed.

. . . an incessant drumbeat . . .
. . . a never effing stops drumbeat . . .



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Thanks UH!