Just another knock on the Marines

I went to McChord Field to get a new ID card. As I was leaving, I passed a 6-foot-tall sign that featured a picture of a Marine Drill Instructor in a barracks chewing out a recruit. The photo was of what I would say a standard chewing out, nothing overboard. Ah the memories. 5 foot of the poster was focused on the different types and definition of harassment. I was frustrated that they were focusing their example of harassment on Marine basic training. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Marines have the reputation of being tough, disciplined and exhibiting a high level of Sprit de Corps.
If you examine why that is, it starts day one at boot camp. You are mentally stressed, physically stressed, and pushed to achieve more than you thought you could. Marines are trained for combat and the stresses that come with it. You have to have grit to become a Marine.
Angela Duckworth was one of the phycologists hired by West Point to determine why cadets drop out and to design a way of determining who would drop out before they started as freshmen. She and others determined that Grit and perseverance were the best predictors of who would graduate. (You should read her book “Grit”). Marine boot camp helps instill grit. They push you to achieve what you never thought you could. Pride in yourself comes when you see what you accomplished and can now visualize how much farther you can go.
If I had to face a graduating class of Marines verses a graduating class of Airman I know which I would rather face.
Where are we headed??? A ZOOM basic training course?
I understand there is a line between the harassment a DI offers you and abuse. Please listen, if this level of harassment is more than you feel you can accept….join another service! Don’t campaign to change the Marines.

They take away my tanks and now this. :angry:


But at least the military is more diverse now, right? That’s more important than being mission-capable.

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Sadly diversity is the new buzz word and all the hierarchies from the very top all fear it and need to tick the various boxes or they are hauled over the coals…

It’s all very touchy feely nowadays… Thankfully our para’s and booties are still barking mad and pretty much unchanged… Not sure how long that will last though …

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As the late Rush Limbaugh often said… “The job of the military is to kill people and break things.”

Anything which does not contribute to that goal is distraction and lessens our ability to carry out that mission.


You just have to kill them nicely without to much shouting in case it upsets them :grin:

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That is true! I was Navy for 7 years. The big difference on your always wet.
The Boot Camps are to weed out the weak. Then strip away all civilian thoughts and ways of being. That is why so many end up with post traumatic shock. There has to be a reintroduction to civilian life. Think about it the military trained you to kill.When there should be down time to re-train after x- ammount of time served.
Listen Up the Marines should never sugar coat anything! Their job is the toughest . The need that training.


That is what snipers are for. “We aim to please.”


Yep, every service has its role and training that works from them. I would rather have a recruit washout in basic then when our lives are on the line. This goes for the grunts in Fallujah or the wing Marines at Camp Bastion Afghanistan. Every Marine is rifleman no matter your secondary MOS.