Just trying to post photos

Just trying out, if I can post pics from Imgur also in the new forum … :thinking:

Okay, this worked. But why can I embed only 1 photo per post?

Nice post Torsten, it makes a big difference being able to post images like this. Not sure how to do multiple images in one post, I just did the 1 so far straight from my camera phone to the post, no messing about. I may try a few test to see how to do several pics at once…

Torsten, I just copy/paste the “BBCode” from IMGUR into my posts, as many images as you like!

Cheers, D

Copy pasted from Armorama’s FB page. All in one post.

Uploaded files all at one time using CTRL key to select all the files on my pc.

Thanks for your answers, guys. So I give it another try from my PC this time … :open_mouth:

It didn’t work again, because I got this strange note:
Sorry, new users can only put one embedded media item in a post.
After 11 years in the Kitmaker Forum I’m still a newbie …? Can’t be! Can anybody help?

Lol… yeah I will need to tweak that. They have this pre-setup procedure on Discourse to raise the first 50 signed up users to ‘level 1’ status and thus early testers didn’t run into these issues. No worries I plan to move every up to level 1 or higher as soon as I can figure out the right process. Suffice to say if you post and do basic things on the forum you quickly go up in Trust Levels and eventually become ALL POWERFUL!. :smiley:


Thanks Jim! So I’ll give it another try later. I would like to move/copy my current build blogs (2) from the old to the new forum to carry on here and they do have a few pics per post. So posting more than 1 pic is essential …
Greetings accross the waves
Torsten :vulcan_salute:

I bumped you up to Trust level 2 “Member” so see how many you can do now.


Okay, here I go again … :open_mouth:

Yessss! :smile: I think 6 is enough for now. Don’t want show you everything at once …
Thanks Jim!



OMG!..i nearly start to cry :sob:…sooooooooooooooooooo easy…soooooo goooood…I am touched!.. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The preview,the resize,the drag and drop…it’s a dream!

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Oh yeah, this is how it should be!

It crazy how easy it is now… Nice build btw.

Great looking build! :smile: