KAMAZ K-4386 Typhoon-VDV kits

In people’s educated and experienced opinions, whats the best Kamaz K-4386 Typhoon VDV with 30mm turret kit on the market. Meng or RPG?

Looking at some reviews and box contet videos they both look quite good.

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I built RPG’s kit and it was nice. No interior whatsoever, but nice details on the exterior. Quite a few tiny PE pieces, masks for the transparent parts, stickers for mirrors… it really has it’s pros. I would suggest DEF resin wheels.

However, if you wish to build a version which was supposedly fielded by the Russians, this is it:

It has the updated turret, front bumper and hood, etc. I don’t think it is released yet, though.

In the meantime MiniArm has the resin upgrade with all these parts

I think it is designed for RPG.


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Thanks @Maki. I like the fact the Meng versuin includes a detailed interior, but like the p.e and metal parts included in the RPG kits. Maybe I will wait and see if the new RPG release is any better.

I had both and found the Meng kit to be better to build. Not so much complicated photo etch and more of the interior. Also the quality of the plastic itself felt better on the Meng kit. It is more expensive though…

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Another RPG kit-


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