Keeping Acrylic mixed paint

Hello there, i am just about to start Airbrushing, after many years using a brush. I have been doing lots of research. Asking obscure questions.
This one i can’t find an answer to.
Can you make up an acrylic mix or even a plain colour, put it in an airtight container and use again?
One more, can you basecoat a model with an Airbrush and just keep topping it up?
Thank you for your help

I have done the latter question,yes just mixed more and sprayed

I suppose it depends on the paint brand, but I routinely mix big batches of Tamiya Acrylics and keep them in larger jars for ages. (Tamiys sells 46ml jars, so same lid design as on their 10ml paints to keep them sealed) I usually decant some into smaller jars to thin and spray…

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Yes you can however, this is not a forever thing. The less air, the tighter the seal, the longer it will last. Keep near room temp. Freezing is terminal.

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Would glass containers be the preferred storage container?
Thanks for your help

Glass is nice, it is reusable over and over. However a plastic paint bottle works well also.

There’s some useful info about this topic in this recent thread, too:

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