Ki-84 Hasegawa 73rd flight regiment

I just finished up Hasegawas 1/48 Ki-84. It was a really nice kit to build. Ended doing it in the box markings, but masked and sprayed all marking as the decals were thick! I based it off these two photos

Fairly happy with how it came out! Took some perseverance. I had originally painted it as a Home island defense bird but mucked up the paint job, had to strip it and restart. Otherwise pretty straight forward OOB build

I know comparing it to three seat torpedo bombers is apples to oranges. But it is wild to me how small it is compared to a B6N Jill and avenger


Nice Hayate, Mead! Well done! :+1:

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Nice work! How long did it take?

Thank you!!

Build phase was very straightforward, maybe 8-10 hours including painting the cockpit. Painting took a very long time, but that was due to having to do it twice. I find designing and cutting the stencils takes a while. All in painting and weathering was probably 20 hours. Then maybe 1 hour attaching a detail bits and finishing.

Maybe 30 hours total if I had to guess but I didn’t keep good track

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Really nice Hayate

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Very nice!! I have this kit - bought it years ago and have yet to pull it out of the stash. I never keep track of how long it takes to build & finish a kit. Now days it looks like this kit retails for about $25-30, so 30 hours of work suggests about $1.00 and hour for a hobby. So it’s still a pretty cheap hobby in my book.

Thank you! It goes together really well, I don’t recall using filler anywhere on the kit! Really a joy to build

I do the same math when buying a kit or when I feel guilty about a purchase. It really is a cheap hobby on a $/hour basis