Kinetic Models ..... NOT!

Purchased one of their kits. On opening I removed the sprues from the factory plastic bags. In the bags I found a handful of parts that had fallen off the sprues. Not unusual. After starting the kit , when working on the drop tanks, I found the nose cap for one of the tanks was missing. (Was not in any of the factory sealed bags) Not a part you can do without. Contacted Kinetic about the missing part. Their reply was "send us $13 and we will replace the part (we didnt place in the kit). Nice way to stand by your product. Last of their kits I buy.


sorry what?

Die Bastarde wollen, dass ICH SIE dafür bezahle, dass ich ihnen ein Teil schicke, das SIE nicht in den Bausatz gepackt haben, für den ich bezahlt habe.

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You are “lucky” that they want to sell the parts :frowning:

I bought 3 1/48 scale Kinetic Fouga kits with 2 magisters in each kit. The aim was to build the entire Belgian “Red Devils” team. In the kit thereare only decals for one Red devil plane.

I took pictures of the 6 almost finished models , asking to sell me 3 decal sets for this model.

Their reply was: we are selling complete kits, not parts of these kits

I got one set from a friend who made another version, but the project is stuck now :frowning: as I need two more.

KINETIC: Never again

PS: if anyone would have the Belgian decals from that kit lying around, I am interested. In return I have 6 sets availabel of the other teams flying the fouga magister

Suggestion on the decals, search Ebay. Guy I deal with on there regularly , beaddreamllc specializes in “spare” sprues/ decals. He might have the decals. (also a good source for parts for kit bashing. Needed the TOW launcher from a Bradley for a “what if” and managed to get the Tamiya sprue with the parts for $10(?)… Beats the hell out of $30-$40 for a whole kit that would then be missing parts. And jut do a search for Fouga part or fouga decals on EBAY. Might get lucky A few years ago I had a decal source in SOuth Africa for customs but he has gone off the scope. Also, have you checked for after market sets? Might check with some Belgian shops (Or Dutch) and see if such a thing exists. (Black Lion decal id Belgian, I think. Pick theit minds…)

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UPDATE: After a couple E-mails letting them know what douches they were and how any reputable model manufacturer stands behind their products … basically shaming them… a replacement sprue showed up yesterday. Thanks, but shouldn’t take threats of law suits to get proper service.

Unfortunately there are unscrupulous types who would claim a part or a sprue was missing because they need it for a conversion on another kit they’re building. Not saying that’s you, but…
Several years ago on Missing-Lynx a member (who shall remain nameless) actually suggested doing exactly that - telling the model company an entire sprue was missing to get a few choice parts. A few month ago I posted photos of some gals in one of Tamiya’s facilities in Shizuoka City. There only job is to insure nothing like that happend. Pretty easy job if you think about it.
I’m sure Raymond (he may not even know what transpired in your case - it may have been someone farther down the food chain) has been the victim of such chicanery before from others. As every company has. I can imagine them getting a little tired of it. The irony is it’s not even necessary in many cases. I emailed Revell once because I need extra storage lockers for my 1/72 Gato, and offered to pay for them., They sent them for free.
I also wanted an extra PE step for a 1/48 C-47 from Trumpeter to use on a Monogram kit. They sent me the whole kit! Granted I had done some work for them, but most model companies seem very accomodating.
Atlantis sent me several extra wheels for their Fuel Tanker free of charge as well, now that Ithink about it. Severa;l had sinkholes on the outer face that would have been nearly impossible to fix well.


I feel your pain. I had a similar experience with AK. I purchased the AK Land Rover 88 and it was missing the main starting Sprue. Sprue A. After some emailing back and forth they wanted me to take a picture of the problem and send it to them. I told them there was no Sprue to take a picture of, since it wasn’t included. Then the no picture, no help reply. Finally got someone with a brain and after 6 months of back and forth they said to set up a PayPal account and send them 6euros to pay for the Sprue. And if I wanted to order anything thing they would include the Sprue to save me some shipping costs. I wrote it off as tuition and decided to never buy an AK product again of any type. I will not recommend AK to anyone. They do not stand by their products.

I had a Dragon Panther missing the metal schurzen plates,I purchased it from Spruebrothers,I notified them and they replaced it with parts from another kit they had on hand.I imagine that they turned around and dealt with their supplier sparing me that hassle.
That was superior customer service,of course my account with them has been active for many years,I would imagine that I would only have so many of those claims if I tried to take advantage of them.

So depending on the seller,might be good to try them also.

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Yeah, a drop tank nose cap has SOOO many uses…


That never crossed my mind, but I’m sure this happens… some people are a…h…!

@Grumble: it really suprises me with AK as I never had any bad experience with them, in contrary.

Stevens International is not of much (read none) help. Contacted them twice , most recent about a Hasegawa decal sheet. Got pissy replies about “kits are out of production”, “we don’t stock parts for OOP kits”,yada yada yada… When asked for Hasegawa’s email … its not on their website… Stevens just ignored me.

I once broke the canopy of a ItLeri kit. I sent them an email honestly confessing that i brok it asking for a replacement against payment. They sent me a new one free of charge. Kinetic even refused sending me decals when i offered to pay, i can’t understand that.

I’ll watch ebay as suggested😄

They probably didn’t have any extras. So to met your need, they would have to remove from existing kits and then have extra kits they cannot sell without those decals.