King Tiger / Jagdtiger AM Tracks... help!

Hi all, im hunting for some aftermarket tracks for Meng’s King 1/35 King Tiger kit.

In a perfect world I would get Masterclubs MTL-35097 tracks, or Spade Ace Models SAT-35017 tracks, but im not having any luck finding those (im in New Zealand).

I have found these two options though, but I cant find any reviews of either and im not sure about them? They aren’t cheap so I was hoping someone has used them before and might have comment on them?

San Xin Brand:

San Xin Model - 1/35 Panzer VI B Tiger II / King Tiger Metal Tracks w/Pins (

R Model Brand:

R Model - 1/35 WWII German Panzer VI B Tiger II (King Tiger)/ Jagdtiger Metal Tracks w/Pins (

Or otherwise there is Mengs own set, which is plastic, and a little bit cheaper?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated!!!

I have some R-model Sherman tracks, which are lovely. The wire they come with is very hard though. replaced it with copper. Also had to replace a pair of cheap nippers…

R Model has a good word of mouth reputation from the videos I’ve seen on the internet.

However right as COVID exploded last year, I ordered a set of R Model Panther tracks that I never received. Follow up proved futile. I think the issue was with the distribution and timing. No refund either.

If I found a trustworthy distributor, I would try R Model again. Their CNC’d track pins look ideal for link to link tracks.

I bought some Meng tracks a while ago. They are quite fiddly to put together, but not impossible, just time consuming. They use metal pins. One set is shorter than the other set BUT they are not labelled so look very
carefully if you purchase the Meng set. The shorter pins on the inside and the longer pins on the outside. The instructions say glue is needed. For my part sometimes the odd few pins fell out and I had to resort to superglue. They went together ok. Worth considering if you are a patient



Thanks everybody, based on feedback I have ordered a set of R-Model tracks, “CM-35013a”, from BNA in Australia.

Based on images on BNA it looks like this set has CNC machines brass pins, which would be pretty interesting. Very little presence or information on these tracks, once received i’ll post up some photos and a few comments on the quality.

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Hi all - received my R-Model tracks today, they look pretty slick, as I mentioned I would, I have done a quick review, this can be found here:

R-Model White Metal Tracks - Armor/AFV - KitMaker Network

Thanks again for the feedback, which gave me enough confidence to hit the buy button.