King Tiger (Trumpeter 1/16)

made a post for 30 minutes with links and photos, in the end, instead of him I can show you only this:

first time I see such a strange limitation

after what period the status of the “new users” ends?

Welcome Dmitry,

I think the system limits pictures to one or two after first joining. After a few posts are made, you can upload nearly unlimited pictures at once.

User privileges increase as you’re more active on the forum. It’s a build trust system. Works well after the first trust level is earned.

Looking forward to seeing the model.

So… let’s try again

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Full album


My channel

Looks exquisite!

The engine compartment and whole model are astonishing!

Incredible job Dmitry ! So much detail


I definitely remember this impressive build from the old site,it will belong in a museum

Amazing. How long have you been working on this model?

It seems every little detail is just where it should be. Absolutely terrific work.


Every now and then I am offered a chance to reflect on my modeling abilities. Builds like this put my skills into perspective and I am humbled. :pensive:

Guys, thank you all for the comments!
The model has been made for about 9 years. There are 2 to 3 years left to complete (I hope so!!).

My topic from old forum.

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Some exterior photos:


Great to find you here, Dmitry! I was already a little bit afraid you would have quit :wink:
Thanks for the photo collection, a great reference source!


Very nice work Dmitri, I have very much enjoyed your long and stunning build of this kit. Please keep sharing it with us and thank you for all your posts. Best regards…Dale