Kit Maker Discussion Forum Stopped Displaying on Smart TV

Kit Maker Discussion Forum Stopped Displaying on Smart TV. Another forum displays normally.

Everything worked normally and as it should for the Kit Maker Discussion Forum from July 2019 until last week or so.

The regular website works normally only the Forum seems to have issues. Only a blank white page with no error messages appears. This was true of Googled Forum topics and bookmarked Forum topics.

The Samsung Smart TV has all updates etc. It had same versions of software since last year as no updates have been issued. I don’t think anything changed with the TV. All other internet sites appear to work normally as before.

I enjoy looking at the model pictures on the big TV vs my Smart phone otherwise this is a non issue.

Thoughts or suggestions?

That is sounding suspiciously like it was due to the dark theme removal and re-adding it. Sounds like maybe your browser is not re-caching the page, etc. Is there maybe a way to clear the cache?

Just checked on my Samsung TV using the “Internet” option and it’s coming up okay for me.

How do you do it with a TV remote though. Yikes! :smiley:

Let’s see if I can find a way to clear the cache. Thank you.

When I posted with the Smart TV, I used the voice activation on the remote :slight_smile: