Kitty Hawk / Panda

I just saw that Kitty Hawk / Panda are shutting down.

Bad news as their 1/35 H-6 and H-60 series were pretty nice. Hopefully someone else pics up their molds and continues w/their large-scale helos.

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Yeah and I wanted to pick up a few of their Helios and add those live resin SF guys … looks like they’re already inflated on eBay

Are the companies related like Trumpeter/Hobbyboss, or two completely different companies? In any case, this is sad news. They do have a range of subjects that are not “more of the same old thing”.

They are essentially the same company

Same company. Kitty Hawk did aircraft and helicopters. Panda did ground vehicles.

ouch, this is bad news indeed.

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Damn been waiting for their Hueys for ages Now I know why…

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When companies that market products off of the beaten path fail, I bet other companies take note and become more cautious.


Any information on if another company will be buying the molds etc?

A lot of their aircraft kits were of subjects that were not off the beaten path, but instead new tool kits of older mainstream subjects that had not been molded in decades, and could use a new tool kit. But yes, I suppose we are going to see more “safe bet” new tool subjects, rather than gap fillers.

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No telling why they are closing. Subject matter may have nothing to do with it as it seemed that most of their products sold well. I know their 1/35 helos did really well. Hopefully this will end up as either a reorganization/rebirth as a new company (or two), or another company will buy their molds and still offer their kits.


@Stikpusher Carlos, thank you for the info, I’m not up to speed on aircraft releases.

I’ve been building for quite a few years and I’ve found that Panda and Kitty Hawk had good quaity and accuracy in their kits. Like everyone else I hope someone buy runs the shop?