Korea, The Forgotten War Campaign

On a related note. I finished my last Hangar Queen of 2020. An Airfix 1/72 F-80C, I might have started it for a previous Korean Campaign. It’ done up as Saggin Dragon, 16th FIS, 51st FIW, USAF, Suwon Air Base, Korea 1951.




currently I’ve got a lot to explore here.

I’ve finished my M4A3E8.


Welcome @Jupiterblitz ! Very nice Sherman! I love a the subtle weathering. the figures look great and the decals only add to that! If I may make a suggestion to a already almost perfect build, maybe you could add a little dust wash to the tracks and polish the cleats with some graphite (From a pencil.)?


i’ve decided to build a hawker sea fury for this campaign.


Bench time has been limited lately, and I have concentrated on finishing the painting on other builds, but did put some time in on the AFV Club M40 on and off. With a lot effort I managed to fit the Tamiya barrel to the AFV club kit. Had to scratch build the cradle slide and cut up the afv club barrel to make parts, but I think it came out well.

I should have taken Rory’s advice @McRunty and run away from the AFV Club T-80 tracks, but a lot of swearing later they are almost done. Never again…

Was ultra careful in removing the rear side parts from sprue and managed to keep the thin handles intact, then dropped my scalpel and it fell on one… grrr.


It came out looking very good. You can only tell its been modified due to the plastic colour.

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With a bit over 2 months left in the Campaign I am finally starting my build. This will be my ‘one per year’ wingy thing build. I will be doing a F-86 Sabre. I am using the Academy 1/48 F-86F as the base kit. I have a verlinden Ejection Seat and I am using a decal set from an old Italeri F-86 kit because it has decals for an aircraft of the South African Airforce, No 2 Squadron, who flew in Korea.

Aircraft, especially natural metal ones, are not in my wheelhouse so this should prove interesting.


These are the two images I am using for reference. The top image is same markings as what I have so that’s great.


This one shows another aircraft of the squadron. I will be basing my plane on this. So no underwing ordinance. Nice and streamlined. Also shows a minimum of dirt and weathering so that’s how I am going to go.

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Nice choice for something a little different Rory. Good luck with the metal finish!

I was going to say, sub assemblies all complete on the M40, but I just realised I still haven’t fixed the rail on the rear…

so. the 99.99% complete assemblies are done:

The Elevation (foot) brake assembly is so fragile…It was the last part of the assembly and I am trying hard not to break it. There were to rods with loops on the end for the front travel lock that I managed to get off the sprue without breaking, but they just disintegrated when I tried to clean the attachment points. Replacements in wire…


Cockpit done. Nothing fancy. Kit did not include decals and the Italeri ones didn’t fit so went with ye old faithful paint and drybrush.

Now onto getting the fuselage together.


So I have run into a “slight” hiccup. I had built up the aircraft to the point where I was doing final prep before priming. Wings on, gaps filled and sanded, canopy polished and ready to be masked etc.

All good so far until I discovered this…

I have no idea what happened. Plastic just got soft and collapsed in on itself as I was handling the aircraft. The issue was not there the last few days as I have sanded and handled that area a lot. The only thing I can thing happened was some slow chemical reaction from the CA and lead weights installed on the inside of the nose?

Obviously the kit is a write-off and I am gutted. My only consolation is that this occurred before paint and decals.

I will try and source another F-86 but in the meantime I have delved into the stash for something else to build for the campaign. sigh

I will be doing the 1/35 Takom M46 in the scheme pictured on the box.

Thats a real shame Rory, It was looking great. Ive heard of a couple other people having CA mess up there models.
Looking forward to seeing that M46.

Wow. I have never heard of that type of reaction. Possible solution - a dio with a 1/48 scale fuel truck with a banged up rear corner…

The figures could be arguing…

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That’s a pretty neat idea but I am over it and am moving on. I don’t want to put any more money into a project that I have now lost enthusiasm for. At some point I will find a deal on another airframe and pick it up but till then, aircraft once again go on my build back burner.

M-46 is built. This kit was odd. Detail on most of it is fantastic but the M2 MG is not that great. Plastic is soft which meant my sprue cutters were not getting a good cut which meant a lot more clean up. Not a fan of the length and link tracks. I ended up having to build the tracks and glue the road wheels onto the tracks, then pull the whole thing off the vehicle. This is not my preferred way of building tracks.

Still, overall, I am very happy with how it built up.


Quick built Rory. It looks great. I have done their FV403 Bulldog kit and the trick on that s not to build the full track run around the jig. It does not say this in the instructions, but they show the runs being finished off the jig. I did it that way and had no issues at all, but guys who built it all on the jig have…

Primer and pre-shading done as well as the base track color. Not going to go to crazy with the tracks as I intend to add mud etc which will cover a lot of the detail.

Breaking out the Mission Models Paints for this one. I have had mixed results with these paints so want to give them another try. So far the white behaved. Primer was my usual sandable auto primer.

Laid down my olive drab, did my highlights, fading etc.

And then I did one of the more un-natural things I have ever done when spraying a tank. I sprayed half the thing yellow. Apologies for the night time phone photo. Doesn’t really show off the shading but I promise its there.