Korean Railroad Tracks

I note that in Europe, railroad tracks are bolted down to their ties, while in the USA, we hold them down with hammered-in spikes. So what is the story with Korean railroads?

We have several different systems in Europe, bolted, spring loaded clips, good old fashioned nails in some older tracks.


Looks like the European spring loaded clips. There are hammered in parallell to the rail and the foot plate is made like a wedge which twists the clip so that it presses down on the rail.

This old track seems to be nailed in place with the old type spikes

Another type of clips

I think that the European style tracks available in model scales can be used.
It’s just a matter of choosing a track that fits the time period, see post by H.P. below.

Royal Marines of 41 Commando plant demolition charges along railroad tracks of an enemy supply line, which they demolished during a commando raid, eight miles south of Songjin, South Korea, April 10, 1951. U.S. Air Force photo” :


USAF? Just how low was that plane flying? :laughing:

You know what ? Here’s another caption I’ve found for the same picture :
Commandoes of the 41st Royal British Marines plant demolition charges along railroad tracks of enemy supply line which they demolished during a commando raid, 8 miles south of Songjin, Korea. April 10, 1951. (Navy)” :wink:
In fact these commandoes had indeed disembarked from the US Navy submarine USS Perch



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