Krupp Protze In Anschluss

I assume some of these vehicles went into Austria during the Anschluss, but I’d like to have a pictoral confirmation, and what such a vehicle would carry.

Why this particular vehicle? I’m trying to use the most primitive German vehicles I can find for my diorama.

I think you’re safe to use these. The Krupp “Boxer” was something of an iconic vehicle and frequently appears in wartime photographs. Production of the L2H43 commenced in 1934 through 1936 when it was superseded by the L2H143, with straight rear mudguards rather than curved. Of course existing lorries continued to remain in service until they wore out, the Wehrmacht was desperate for vehicles previous to and throughout the war. Other vehicles you might consider are the Einheitsdiesels (kitted by IBG) and the Henschel 33G (ICM). The “Boxer” was most often seen in Kfz69 and 70 roles, gun tractor and basic troop transport (it was used as a sort of “platoon truck”). But it was also used in other roles, some with a closed cab and rear (e.g. Kfz19, telephone exchange truck).

Thanks, I purposely wanted to do the one towing the Pak 36 howitzer, which was advanced in that era