KV-1 - 2nd one finished. Starting to enjoy this

Hi. Newbie on here and just wanted to show my latest creation to the experts. Have been looking on armorama for a few years and have been trying to finish a model for the same time. (Last time was when I was 14). Anyway since buying a airbrush it’s all changed. Brought this kv1 at the tank museum in July and it was purely built oob for painting practice. Best thing of all was that I really enjoyed the whole project which is what it’s all about…


Looks great to me @Hydey16. I would be very happy with it. Nice all round weathering and finish.

You have the right idea. I second Johnny’s comments, I would be happy if mine turned out like that.

What’s your next project?

Outstanding! Your finishing is beautiful. The chipping work is extraordinary. I, too, would be proud to show this model. You’ve really done an excellent job all around.

Beautiful work - the airbrush seems to agree with you - Keep up the great work.


Thanks for the comments. You really learn alot from websites like this. Next project is a british sherman. Picked up a cheap asuka m4a2 in the black friday sale. Seems a nice kit. Only done tamiya kits so far. Hope it’s as good as a tamiya kit (fit wise).

You’ll find the Asuka kit a little more fiddly than Tamiya but the fit is perfect.

Very well done. Excellent weathering, well worn but not abused. :+1: Is there a figure to go in the hatch?

Well done! That’s quite good work by any standards. As Matthew (@SSGToms) says, the Asuka kit will be a bit more challenging than the Tamiya kits, but take your time and be patient, and it’ll go together nicely.

FWIW, there are no “advanced” techniques, just ever more polished applications of the basics coupled with adding new skills (which themselves improve over time), so stick to what you’re doing well right now. Every build will just add more experience and new skills.

Nice job and excellent paint and weathering.

That’s a fine finish you have there.

Thanks again for the comments. Appreciate them. I did have a go at the figure that came with the kit but it turned into abit of a disaster so got binned.
I have started the sherman and your right. Bit more involved than a tamiya kit. Working on the wheels and bodies right now. Good fit though. Hopefully in 6 months it will be finished too…

Well you should be,thats an excellent job.Really like your weathering,you nailed it.

You do know that we keep tabs on you. Each kit you display is compered to your previous kit and a noticable improvement is expected. Should it not, your next evaluation will reflect that.
Starting at such a high level makes it tough to out do your previous work. :roll_eyes: