KV-1 Model 1939 Ideas


I have a Trumpeter KV-1 Mod 1939 kit that was purchased aeons ago, and I am finally getting around to building. Ideally, I wanted to construct a vehicle representative of early ww2, or at worst, the winter war. However, after doing some basic research, it appears that the mod 1939 saw little use in either the winter war (other than the prototype), or in the opening stages of ww2, as it got up-armored and re-gunned to the F/32 gun and became what is known as the 1940 or the KV1A / KV1E version.

So…I’m wondering if the wise forum denizens have ideas (and references?) on what I could do.

So far, my ideas are

  1. Shelve it for later

  2. Build as-is for a representation of a somewhat rare vehicle in ww2 colors. I dug up some photos of a destroyed one of these, and I’m sure with some more sleuthing I might be able to find photos or reports of one in action in early period of ww2 (surely they haven’t converted -all- of them)

  3. Build as a hypothetical winter-war vehicle in winter colors. Maybe some were around by the end?

  4. Convert to a 1940 by redoing the mantlet and/or other changes as needed.

  5. Convert to the up-armored version as above but with scratch build of applique armor

  6. something else?

Any and all ideas, and comments on the options above are greatly appreciated!

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Welcome aboard.

I say build as you like.

Have you seen this review of the kit?



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I’m not an expert on KV tanks so I do not know if a 1940 model is available as 1/35 kit. If not, go for the conversion. You will have an original model (ideas 3 or 4).

Otherwise I would go for idea 1, after all you have found at least one so it is plausible.

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Some infos and pics about early KV-1’s :



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The kit is of this tank that used formed plates in the turret without sharp corners.


I’ve edited my previous post accordingly !


Thank you everyone for the resources and suggestions!

I will scour them for a photo, and just build as is (with appropriate modification) so as to portray a rare vehicle that certainly existed in late '41 / early '42. This now pushes the effective date to well after the beginning of the war, which opens up a lot of weathering/camo/diorama possibilities!

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