KV-1 Russian Heavy Tank

And another Bandai build in 1:48 scale. This is my first venture into RUSSIAN armor.
Built pretty much OOB,
A very nicely detailed kit with exception of crappy tracks but I won’t loose sleep over them.
And the decals were excessively thick to the point that I wet sanded them after
application to thin them down so as to blend into the paint after a couple of
coats of Future and final flat finish.
Painted w/Tamiya acrylics, W&N oils and pastel chalk weathering.
Hope you enjoy and all comments welcome.


I like the weathering but noticed the road wheels and Idler wheel were green where they roll against the track. Usually the paint is worn off there.

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Hi Greg,
Thanks for pointing that out, I may go back and do some additional work on
the wheels and track.

Joe, it is great to see these old Bandai kits being built! The newer Tamiya 1/48 offerings generally eclipse them in quality (especially the tracks), but those Bandai models were nice… and they had interiors! I wish Tamiya and others had continued that tradition. The Bandai kits are seriously underrated!

I really like your KV-1. When I built these as a kid I dreamed that they would look this good!

Superb job on the decals, especially given their age. Those old Bandai kits are fun, aren’t they?

Tim & Robert,
Thanks for liking and the your comments.
To think that back in the mid 70s I bought 1 or 2 Bandai kits for $1.99ea. Now look at the price on Ebay!
I was lucky to have found a collection for sale about 8 years ago and bought it for
nostalgia purposes but am building them now as I primarily build only 1:48 armor.
Most of the kits are quite detailed, their only downfall are the tracks but there are
ways around that for the most part.
And of course my attraction to them are, although not 100% correct is the interiors.
Although basic, the basis is there for further super detailing.
And of course, they are FUN to build!
Thanks to you both for looking in.

Photos originally posted have been replaced with these new ones as I found the colors a little too vivid which did not reflect the actual paint job.
This is what the model really looks like.
Thanks for looking,

Looks great! I’ve got a KV-1 and KV-2 in my stash to build as well. I’ll have to look back at yours as a reference. :+1:

i think i’ll do the same!

Thanks for liking!

Thanks for liking.

my pleasure!

Nice build. I’d never have guessed this to be 1:48

Hi Charles,
Thanks for looking in and comments.

From what I remember of seeing on pictures of Russian armour, they are more weathered then you did now.
They look a lot more ugly if you ask me, especially if they are in use for longer periods of time.
However, this is just a tip and your build looks neat and clean now.
So I will give you a thumbs up anyway.
1/48 scale is maybe a little bit to big for my liking, but we can’t have all the same taste as others.
Keep on your great projects.