KV fenders

Been reading that KVs had two different widths for the fenders. I havent found any reference to what the difference is?

Have been to http://www.4bogreen.com/ ?

Yeah. My prime source. All I’ve seen there is there is a difference but not a number.

I see your point. 4BO Green

Looks like 2 scale inches is the difference. Not sure if Neil has made the jump but he used to be on the old site. You could email him.

The narrower fenders were installed on the KV-1s, together with the narrower tracks and other modifications in order to save as much weight as possible. Trumpeter has followed on the fender width but potatoed on the track width, including wide tracks in their KV-1s hulled kits. In scale thickness it is just 1.5mm and barely noticeable.

KV kits had two different fender widths, KV tanks did not.

From 4BOgreen:


Different kits in the series provide two different types of fenders. Those provided in the kits of early production variants with two-part resilient road wheels are approximately 1.5mm wider (roughly 52.5 scale mm or just over 2 scale inches) than those provided in the kits of later production versions. While there was certainly some variation in the fender widths between manufacturing contractors and even between individual vehicles, there is no photographic or documentary evidence to support the assertion that there were two different design patterns for the fenders. However, both sets of fenders are within acceptable boundaries when compared with photographs, and are certainly acceptable unless you are modeling a specific vehicle. [emphasis added]