Київські соколи (Kyiv Falcons)

Anybody have any thoughts on what Yard Darts the Ukrainians will be getting. All the talk I hear, I’m thinking Ex NATO MLUs. (Seeing it looks like most of the training will be by NATO countries, would be logical.) Older US models from The Boneyard? I’m thinking of a sorta “what if” . Kinetic makes an MLU kit, and it’s about the same as the Tamiya Block 25/30/40 kits. Also, what sort of interoperability is there with NATO weapons … IRIS-T , Meteor, SCALP, Taurus …

I would guess block 50 airframes with harm, iris-t capabilities.

SCALP could also be an option

So, it seems that now that the Netherlands, Norway and Denmark will be providing Ukraine with American made F-16 fighter jets. The pilots will be traveling to Tucson, AZ (my neck of the woods) to get trained on how to operate and maintain these planes. Probably see these pilots billeted at Davis-Monthan AFB, which is up the road from Morris ANGB.

US to train Ukrainian pilots in Tucson (kold.com)

So that begs the question… How will the new Ukrainian Air Force F-16s will look like?

Norway is getting the new F-35A, so their F-16s will go to Ukraine.

I can imagine the new Ukrainian Falcons will be sporting the national roundels and the Trident Shield very soon.

The folks from the 162nd Fighter Wing, AZ Air National Guard will be training not only the pilots, but also the ground crews. It’ll be cool to see the Ukrainian trident flying over Tucson.

(1)They are getting Ex NATO aircraft. Would be refurbed in Europe so wouldnt be in US. (2 ) Foreign Viper crews are trained on US aircraft with US markings. Occasionaly foreign versions of the F-16 from the factory but with temporary US markings. As I understanded it any aircraft in the US over 60 (? 90) days must be re marked as US. 20th TFTS was at George AFB flying Rhinos till 1992. Was transfered to Holloman AFB , till the Luftwaffe retired the F-4F/ ICE in the early 2000s. Both at George and Holloman the German aircraft had US markings. Note German fin flash) There was a pair of F-4F ICE at NAS Pt. Mugu, Ca. in the late 90s/ early 2000s for missile tests at the Pacific Missile Test Center. They had full Luftwaffe markings ,but they were only there for a month or so.

Seeing they are not being rushed into service I’m thinking they might get repainted in Ukrainian camo , definitely Ukraine markings. But full cololor or subdued?

Probably just like Iraqi F-16s, subdued with the rounders in color.