L-4 Grasshopper - From Africa To Central Europe | AeroScale

Rowan takes a look at Special Hobby's 1:48 kit of the Piper L-4 "Grasshopper".

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I’ve built 3 L4 kits. 1 in 1/35 and 2 in 1/48 from 3 different companies. They all, as this one does suffer from the same problem. The clear canopy is in 4 pieces, along with an inner structure. None of which has any type of locating or attachment features. Trying to hold and align the pieces in order to cement them without smearing glue on the clear areas is “challenging” (read nightmare) to say the least
. I eventually had to drill .010 thousand dia holes to pin them together with wire while using a third hand tool to help hold them.
Otherwise this looks like a very nice kit.

@Merlin great review. This will definitely be one to pick up.

Curious…how raised is the greenhouse structure aft of the wing on the top and sides? I kinda want to convert this one’s sister kit to a J-3, which would require sanding that off, using a curved mask on the rear window, and overpainting most of the rear glass.

Also, does this kit represent the aileron pulleys and tie-down loops at the top of the wing struts?