Are there any good websites or books on the L4500A? I really like German mobile flak guns, and have built a Flakpanzer I and have a the Sd Kfz 7/1 and 10/5 in the stash. While perusing the internet yesterday I stumbled upon trumpeters L4500A with flak guns. I was thinking of picking a couple up but really want to learn more about them

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l4500 truck - Bing images
Mercedes-Benz L 4500 - Wikipedia
If you want to model the standard truck, the Zvezda kits are good, they do the standard truck and a Maultier. If you are into the 4.5 tonne trucks generally, IBG do the Bussing NAG s and A type, early and late. They are OK too.

Both sites are in German but the first has a button to translate into English:


Thank you both I will read through. It appears in first glance though that neither have info about their use as flak carriers. I have found information about their use in that role hard to find

That could have been a handful of field mods and not official configurations.

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No books, just some images:

Blurb says “Armored Mercedes-Benz L 4500 A with a 3,7 cm Flak 36 near the Mediterranean Coast of France. The vehicle has a Luftwaffe license plate.”

Wreck in Italy:
Dead crewman on an armored Mercedes-Benz L 4500 truck with 20mm Flakvierling knocked out in Italy near Cori at the end of May 1944 : r/DestroyedTanks



Yes, the Luftwaffe was in charge of anti-air defense.

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Hi Mead,
I have the Trumpeter L4500A with 37mm Flak 37 #09593 and I have it about half built. The kit overall is excellent. Beautiful molding, great detail, good engineering, near perfect fit. I am enjoying the build very much. The gun is a little clunky for my taste though so I am replacing it with a gun from Great Wall Hobby. The Trumpeter kit provides all the PE you really need to detail the kit. It’s a great build. I also picked up a resin ammo trailer, Wiener Modelbau #WMM35005, to go behind it. To populate the trailer, I got some Panzer Art #RE35-569 metal ammo boxes for 37mm Flak 37. I also replaced the nasty rubber tires in the kit with a set of Panzer Art #RE35-244 road wheels for Mercedes 4500. Yeah, I’ve turned this into a major project, but the kit really does build up quite nicely OOB.


I find these Armored cab half tracks and trucks fascinating. They look like vehicles the teutonics would have designed.

I’ve opened a can of worms for myself as I stumbled upon the Kfz 70, Opel Blitz with Flak 38 and the Sdkfz 6/2 last night


That is great to hear! It is a neat looking vehicle

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Armed but not armoured



Trumpeters armed L4500’s

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AFV Club does a nice MB 4500 A and a 4500 S as well.

You’re really selling the kit.
It’s a beast of a truck