Lancaster Detail Update | AeroScale

Border Models has posted more images of the kind of detail to expect with their 1:32 scale Avro Lancaster B.Mk. I/III

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I saw on their notice that they said they did a little touch-up on the molds, which they got from WNW. I hope they didn’t wreck any detail because I’m fairly certain Border doesn’t have the same level of quality control, but keeping fingers crossed. I haven’t bought the HKM version yet but I am glad we have another option again. HKM will probably only pump theirs out a little longer before production stops.

I hope they will also do the nose section WNW had planned as well as I can’t fit a 1/32 Lanc in my flat as much as I’d want one.

Sell your bed; buy a cot and a display table.


To clarify: WnW was not making any mold. They made the CAD design and worked with different Asian kit makers who made the molds. So their quality control was actually acceptance or refusal of a mold status. Accordingly, I do not see how Border could wreck anything as the kit was already in fully buildable status when they got it. They probably went on cleaning and polishing the molds. Nothing more. Do not worry.