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Lanmo will offer an antenna set also for the Befehlstiger

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They don’t quite understand what this is, do they?



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This photo stumps me.

This Tiger is a Borgward controller. So it has an antenna on the side of the turret. And inside the turret there must be a transmitter, probably quite small. That much is known to be true.

But - this set adds an antenna to the roof of the turret also. I don’t recall ever seeing that. Anybody?

And, to make it more puzzling, it’s the Fu 8 radio. That’s a large set which I would personally keep in the hull for space reasons.
What makes me suspicious is that the Fu 8 antenna base in this picture doesn’t have the insulation that is MANDATORY for a thirty watt transmitter. You see it on every other “star antenna” base in this actual set.

Is this a real setup or an incorrect guess?

I looked through all the photos that I have, concerning this kind of Tiger.
I found one that absolutely did NOT have the turret roof antenna post.
And a couple more that had the ordinary Fu 5 radio in the hull - but no sign of anybody having the “star” antenna anywhere on the tank.

I can’t imagine where Lanmo got the idea for this configuration. Does anybody know?


This image is a good example of how a Command Tiger would be set up for long range chat. In fact this complete setup is quite rare - I know of only two photos.

But : they’ve put the two small antennas the wrong way around. The longer one should be on the turret.
Surely the makers of an “antenna set” are the last people who should make that mistake?


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Yes. Rendering error, it will be updated later, including the cover will be updated

Yes. Rendering error, it will be updated later, including the cover will be updated

referenced this car

Dear Lan Model;

Thank you for your reply. It is good to see a company who cares about accuracy.

I regret to inform you that the diagram on that Japanese page, is not correct. My information comes from better sources, including the work of the authors Doyle and Jentz, who have spent much time in the German archives. But I have also studied many Tiger photos independently.

The error in the Japanese page is this : they have confused two different versions of Tiger.

The Command Tiger (in the photo) was produced from the beginning of 1943. It carried two radio sets and it had three antenna connections. This is explained on my page.

In 1944 some Tigers were made with one single extra antenna on the side of the turret. This allowed the Tiger to control a “Borgward” explosive robot.
The rubber base of this antenna was a smaller size than the other antenna bases.
These Tigers were NOT “command Tigers” and they had no other special radio equipment. Therefore they had an ordinary Fu 5 radio with the 2 meter antenna on the hull roof at the right side.


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