Large Mörser Karl dio. Working title: Barkin' Karl

Yeah, that too. Why do you think he was so pissed off all the time? :rofl:

Angry little man… :smiling_imp:

Hi Erwin,

That’s one impressive list for a single diorama, :slightly_smiling_face:.

Cheers, :beer:,


I know :grin:

This is the current state of the truck…

Did some spraying of the ammo panzer yesterday !


Now that’s impressive, looks like it should float! Show us the stern & the bow! :tumbler_glass:

Captain on the bridge, eh, tank! :smiley:

Just that PanzerIV variant would take me a month to build.

I must say that I do not know how long this has taken me, since I have 5 parallel builds for this dio going… But it certainly has given me some challenges thus far! And one (at least) ahead: the wiring of the crane. The instructions are far from clear!!! :persevere:

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I agree, the panzer looks like a hefty build, woof!

Nice work man , looks great !!

Thanks guys…

Are you going to rig the cables on the ammo schlepper’s crane?

Yes I will. But that won’t be easy as the instructions are far from clear.
And with different wire, since the one included is way too thick!



Way cool! Thanks!

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Some details need to be done, but nearly there…


Very cool Erwin !!

Thank you very much. Ther are still some things to do. Like finishing the jack block, going around with gun metal pigment and some minor dusting. My LHS has not been able to get hold of Friul tracks since march, which I really need on this one, since I want it to be displayed on a flat wagon, just driving off, with beams underneath the tracks. Too complex for glued tracks…

Specially for @G-man69, to let you know that I can still do it, the Mercedes L-4500 truck is also coming along nicely. :grin:

The camouflage is also on. Now for the details and weathering…

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Looks great on all fronts. Nice to see someone is getting something done!