Large Scale Armory has migrated over here as well

Just a quick note should anyone need to reach out to LSA. We’ve migrated over to the new forums here and you can contact us if needed. We still have not resumed taking orders as we are eyeball deep in making the production molds for the new product line. Updated product line and kit content lists are available as always so if anyone has any questions please feel free to drop me a line.

Larges Scale Armory


LSA products are excellent!

Please remember that LSA, USA, started during a time when there were hardly ANY 75mm (1/24) guns and accessories. Now one can obtain 75mm individual guns from Shapeways, but still, I think nothing really beats having a modeler design 1/24 accessories and weapons because the Shapeways carbines don’t come with rails, scopes, handgrips, and extras.

You can view some of their products here…and that was six years ago.

Large Scale Armory, USA guns

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Thanks for the kind words! As it happens, those are photos of my old product line pieces. The new product line is actually much, MUCH higher detail and even better casting. We’ve switched over to a whole new series of pieces that feature a level of detail that is light years ahead of the old stuff we previously offered.

I’ll try to get some images of these same weapons done in the new 3D printed based product line. That way you can see just how amazing far we’ve come.


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Photos please Jim!

Any update on this company and its products?

Hi Trisaw,

Yep, LSA is still around. We took a HUGE hit during the pandemic but have managed to hang on and slowly get back on track. I spent a lot of that time working on and reworking on LSA’s digital library and filled in a large number of the gaps in the product line that were preventing kits from being put into production. During that time I was also able to considerably develop my own design skills which resulted in quite a few new generation pieces to replace some of the original LSA lineup.

Now that I’m back to finally getting the production molds created we seem to have hit another unexpected roadblock. It seems that the materials cost for creating the molds has increased quite dramatically. The price has roughly doubled, sometimes more, for the silicones and resins that we were using to create the production molds. This is by no means a death blow and LSA is still moving forward with measurable progress every week. But sadly it means that sometimes the progress is painfully slow at this stage due to the insane costs of materials.

Please remember that all of this, the 3D design commissions, the prototype fine tuning, getting the prints made, the creating of the molds, the casting and even the building of the shop equipment needed to get LSA off the ground is being done by me alone, every week and financed out of my weekly paychecks. Every evening and every weekend I have and will continue to spend countless hours on doing what I can when I can to get LSA off the ground. So whereas it has taken far to long already, I am immensely proud of how far LSA has come and how close we are to finally reopening.

I’ve decided on a small rollout of a number of what I believe will be well received kits and want to be able to add the larger ones in fairly short order thereafter. That is why I spent so long developing the shop and storage equipment and organizing the product line. With a better organized workstation and a (at long last) good product storage system I can eliminate much of the time wasting struggle that made the original form of LSA much harder work. I know you guys can’t see this kind of stuff that’s behind the scenes but I can tell you I am really super happy with the results of all that work.

The results of all this should mean that after the rollout then the additional kits will be able to be added to the product line far easier and in a much shorter timeline. That’s the part you guys will be able to see when I unveil the LSA product kits list and you start to see the big kits come online. Again, the number of kits that will be available on the initial rollout has been kept small to allow any bugs to be worked out of the production and shipping process without getting bogged down by the larger kits. I mention this to assure anyone who is interested in any of the larger LSA offerings that I’ve mentioned before that those will be coming out in fairly short order once we get up and running good.

Also, FYI, the diorama products line was initially intended to be added only after the entire military branch of LSA’s product line was fully in production. I’ve changed this and will now be offering diorama themed kits alongside the military kits from the very start. Initially I viewed the diorama items as a nice add on to the product line but not really important. I’ve changed my mind on this and will be offering many small diorama related kits starting with the initial rollout line and continuing at a steady pace with the other military kits.

thanks for hanging on everybody, LSA is getting there!


You know, one thing about being so focused on a goal is that sometimes we lose perspective on how it relates to others. Looking back on this post I realized that while I know exactly how much the LSA line has improved, almost no one else does. So I’m posting a few images of some of the upcoming kits that have me so excited.

Just so you know, a photo with IP in the name means “In Production” as in it’s already in the mold making stage. WIP means of course “Work in Progress” and is labeled on images of projects that are in the very last stages of prototyping. I’m also including a few photos of some of the actual 3D printed pieces. That way you can see that LSA is using absolutely the highest resolution printing to create the masters.


Processing: An.Fa. 1A German Trailer IP a.jpg…
Processing: An.Fa. 1A German Trailer IP b.jpg…
Processing: An.Fa. 1A German Trailer with Oil Conv. RTP IP a.jpg…
Processing: An.Fa. 1A German Trailer with Oil Conv. RTP IP b.jpg…
Processing: Assorted Guns IP.jpg…





These images don’t represent what all LSA will be producing when it reopens. The fact is, this is only a fraction of what we have going on.


Here’s a few examples of the actual printing quality. Hard to believe that this is going to be available in 1/24 scale!


Hi James,
You accidentally stumbled into one of my pet peeves:
Brick walls.
The one you show above is mostly used as covering of another load bearing structure.
Brick walls that are part of the load bearing structure use different type of bonds (way to lay the bricks) and this shows up on the outside.
One starting point into the mysteries of brick laying:

Further reading:
even more details

Another method is to use phots of real brick walls, not facade coverings, but real old brick buildings in cities, at least two stories high.

Ask Google about: brick building

I hope this link works:

This shows how bricks can be laid to create patterns, maybe not suitable for “building blocks”
but there are more images linked if you scroll down.
Ask google about the different bond types, such as: flemish bond

Hi Robin,

Thanks for the input, I’ll be checking that out later. The pieces I have for dioramas are primarily industrial machines (for factory dios) and common household elements. The modular brick wall sections were designed to be an aid to the storefront sections I’m also producing. The idea being a flexible system to quickly add 1/24 scale wall detail around the storefronts or in the background of a diorama. Eventually there will be larger sheets of this available but I thought folks might appreciate seeing what I already have on hand.


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Looks really good. :+1:
Not my scale, fortunately, my stash would overflow even more than before …
:wink: :grin:

Hi Jim,

All looks great…for WW2.

Do you have anything modern to show? :grinning:

Yes, some stuff to go with the figures in Tamiyas 1/25 Centurion would be nice. Replacement helmets and rifles for the figures that are more period appropriate would be a great starting point.

For the modern stuff the answer is yes, I actually have lots of weapons and some equipment like rucksacks plus a few helmets here and there. I can say that I have more period specific small arms such as the Sterling 9mm, SLR all the way up to a nice L85 and L86 combo that I am really proud of.

I have many, many other small arms and crew served weapons but not much in the way of other gear besides a small assortment of modern era rucks. Again, the image of small arms I posted was only a fraction of what we have to offer. From AK47s variants and multiple AK74s, FPKs, VVS, RPD, RPKM, RPK, DshKs, and even the RPG7 as well as many more. On the other side I have from M16A1s through a wide variety of M4s and M16A4s, plus everything from modern M2 mounts, M240s and M249 variants to the M7 LAWs and Carl Gustov.

There are also lots of other pieces like the Uzi, G3 variants and a host of others I’m sure I’m forgetting off the top of my head. Again, not much by way of gear yet but that will come someday. Quite a bit of modern day “clutter” though, lots of soda and water bottles, coolers, Pelican style cases and even some modern radio equipment. If you add those items to the more ageless diorama pieces like welding gas bottles, folding chairs, plastic buckets, crates and a pile of other “clutter” you can fill out a modern scene quite easily.

Again, too much to list or even remember half the time. That’s why organizing the sea of castings has taken a bit but I’ve got a rock solid system in place now to keep the thousands of pieces in order.


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Small sample of the more modern arms to show that the quality is really super high on the modern side as well. Again, just a fraction.


Oh yeah! Do you have a link to where we can see all of the products that you have available.