Large Scale M5A1 Stuart Crew | Armorama™

Jeff Shiu released a new 120mm figure set, aimed at the M5A1 Stuart from Classy Hobby.

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Crew looks nice, although I with the TC had also come with a standard helmet. (Is dementia setting in or does he looks suspiciously like the famous shot of the two SS personnel in the Schwimmwagen during the Battle of the Bulge, the one with the cigar in his mouth?) Not sure how I would do the goggles, however. I think there may have been a green-tinted insert for them, but generally they wear clear. Since they take up a large amount of real estate, it might be difficult to create a proper effect, especially with the one figure, who has the goggles over his eyes.

Beautiful but will cost more than the Stuart kit. Hope they scale them down to 1/35.

No BS $75.00 a pop for most, so yep $300.00 for 4 I would think, sorry honey, no food this week, or half of next.
Cereal is good for you.

I think Jeff’s 120mm figures are about $40-$45… so, a 4 man crew with most being half figures would probably boil down to about $150. Still a lot of dinero…


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