Last Elephant

Well, this one is done. Panzer Jager Elephant. s.Pz.Jg.Kp. 614 , Kampfgruppe “Ritter”. Karl-August-Platz, Berlin. Late April, 1945. (1/48 Tamiya with Tamiya Zimmerit set.)


Nice work on the Elefant.

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Kampfgruppe “Ritter”

On April 22, Kampfgruppe “Ritter” was formed consisting of these elements:

– Stab of II./PzR 36

– PzKp z.b.V. “Dreyer” (10 Panthers with IR equipment)

– PzGKp (gep) “Uelzen” (SPWs with IR equipment)

– s.Pz.Jg.Kp. 614 (Four Elefants)

– part of II./PzR 36 (fighting as tank-killing infantry).

Ritter was most likely the commander’s name of II./PzR 36.

It was directed to enter into action at Zossen. One Elefant remained in Mittenwalde due to mechanical problems. One Elefant took up a firing position at the road fork to Löpten and remained there. In the besieged Berlin, the two remaining Elefants fought on the Karl-August-Platz and near the Holy- Trinity-Church. Both of the Elefants were captured by the advancing Soviets on 1 May 1945. Ferdinands/Elefants on the Eastern Front – Mike’s Research (


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