Last Royal Navy Dunkirk Veteran Passes Away


Well I am a Laurence as well.

At the time of Dunkirk I was 2. At the time of 13 I had read so many stories of bravery of British People during WW11 including Dunkirk.

In British people I include the totally unselfish people. Canadians South Africans, Australian & New Zealanders.

The incredible response with English boat owners taking their little boats with friends as crew. All to rescue the British Soldiers while being bombarded by German Armour & Aircraft.

That is why we won the war the right to live our life as we wanted. Nothing more nothing less. Total bravery & extreme determination.

Well done Lawrence & thank you & all those like you on behalf of my family.



I hope that people today come together to meet the problems of our time like those people did.
Greatest respect to all of them, soldiers and civilians

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