Last weathering practice

I know it is not the right type of armor for this thread, but that is why I am here. I few weeks ago when I discovered Armorama and I immediately started painting my first tank. Afterwards all I saw was mistake after mistake. So I thought I should practice one more time before going back to ‘Real’ armor. Any advice on weathering is welcome. Don’t hold back. I know any criticism from this community comes from a supportive place. Thanks all.


The technique looks good. The application is harder to judge as it’s not real but I would say for my tastes if a real WW2 vehicle in say WW2 it’s over weathered. In service vehicles did not weather that much in that short time period.

All that said it is very subjective on vehicle, time period and modeler preference.

I don’t see anything wrong with this tank. The weathering is very well done. The paint finish and tones look excellent. Your chipping and scratching are well placed and restrained. Overall it’s an outstanding effort. And of course I like the Ukrainian National Colors on the side!


I think you did a great job. It’s Wahammer 40K. They’re supposed to look like hell. Now you just need to add a pack of Tyranids swarming the thing and a second vehicle to hose off the first. :slight_smile:

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Have to agree with the others, it looks pretty good to me. A bit too much chipping for me but that’s a personal preference. Yours is well executed. :+1: :+1:

Eye catching and nicely done!

You’ve nailed the Grimdark anyway. I’d be more curious to see your first attempt on “real” armour to be honest.

As was said above, what looks amazing on a Rhino (and it does look great) wouldn’t necessarily fly on a Sherman.

My only suggestion going forward providing your budget allows, would be some clear paints for doing your lights/lenses. Your yellow headlights as they stand work, especially in 40k, but you’ll get a much more realistic look with the clear, especially if you lay down a silver/chrome base.

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Really depends on your own personal preference. If you like this old battered worn look, do your tanks that way. If you want it to look more realistic, than a bit less is probably wiser.
Me, I like your old worn battered vehicle, when I will make my M1, Challenger etc, they will probably look like that :+1:
And will probably get covered in a lot of dust, sand or mud :grinning:
But your last weathering practice is great, love the chipping and stratches. Like Canmedi says, for the lights you might invest in different paint, for instane on rear lights a clear red like Tamiya X27 on top of a silver looks great and very realistic.

I 100% agree, I am looking at a 6 day war Sherman or Gulf war Humvee so the weathering should be toned down. Thanks.

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Thanks allot, im definitely going to look into clear paints.

Agreed a bit less chipping. Thanks.

Have you checked out YouTube it’like an online school for modelors