Late war KV-8S

I’m trying to dig up info on the Soviet KV-8S cast turret. Have the trumpy kit inbounded. Seeing they were scarce as Muslim swineherds info is equally as scarce. I am tossing around the idea of doing it as 1945 city fighter. Poznan, Budapest … something different than Berlin. Would they still have been in use then (Last ones were built in mid 43, I believe) or would the flame T-34 have become “standard” by then? I’m thinking adding bed spring armor, or was that a Berlin thang? Any info or thoughts?

You probably already know this site but:

I dont think the Soviets were still using KV variants in late war, but you can always speculate.

Timothy, I think Bedspring armor was a Berlin only installation.

Kinda thought so … on both counts. I’ve only seen the bed spring armor in photos in Berlin. Was thinking it would probably only be practical in a metropolis area like Berlin. Outside the cities there were probably only enough metal bed frames for a couple tanks per village. But good ideas travel fast. Figured it might have caught on in the other big cities. As for the KVs, I seem to remember they were supplanted by the IS series in late 43. Thought maybe some of the late production ones might have been used in some of the lower level operational areas. Just for a logistics reason would make sense. Standardize with T-34s and ISs. Less parts to have around.

Wasn’t the KV-8 a prototype spg?

Nope … … … The KV-8 flame-thrower

The KV-1 was also chosen to be used as platform for the new ATO-41 flame-thrower. The gun mantle accommodated the flamethrower tube, a coaxial DT machine-gun and, replacing the former ZiS-5 gun, a 45 mm (1.77 in) QF model 1932 in disguise, housed inside a 76 mm (3 in) tube. The gun was standard issue on the BT series and the T-26, and had good penetration power against 20-25 mm (0.79-0.98 in) of armor. 45 units were converted using KV-1B hulls (model 1941), and later on, 25 more based on the upgraded KV-1S.

Well, you can definitely build a city fighter with this. The fenders are begging for abuse, rumble, bricks etc… Would look great as is, no need to add spring armor or something