LAV / TUA . On the prowl

The trumpeter LAV is a beautifully detailed kit right out of the box, in my opinion it needs very little to enhance it


Looks awesome! I love the subtle weathering and the base!

I’m about to start that kit in a few days myself in my attempt to build everything fielded by the Canadians with the TOW missile.

Thank you. In my humble opinion you will enjoy this kit .
As previously stated it needs little to none extra to make a great kit.

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Beautiful job Chris! Does the US use this vehicle or just Canada?

Lovely finish Chris and the display base looks great with the LAV on the down slope. Very nicely done. This one is on my to get list along with the LAV air defence wagon.
Am I correct in thinking these wagons were solely used by US Marines and not Army ??

US Marines use the older LAV; this is a LAVIII which is closely related to the Stryker which is a US Army vehicle. Pretty sure the US never purchased this version, but it’s used by Canada, New Zealand and Columbia. Saudi Arabia bought a different variant.

That is correct . This is a Canadian vehicle.

Excellent work! I really like the weathering. If you’d like, come join the Canadian Campaign! I’m sure everyone there would greatly appreciate seeing another unique Canadian vehicle.



Thank you . I may just do that. I need to find something that would be fitting for the campaign.

This was a Cdn variant. however it’s been divested and no TUAs are left

Oh ok thanks

FYI, the LAV-TUA never had the applique armour attached as the Trumpeter kit shows, they took a shortcut and used their LAV-III hull. Spent it’s entire (short) life with just the mounting bosses exposed. Granted, it would be a lot of work to remove them from the Trumpeter hull.


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Well it looks like i need to do a new one then… Thats the kind of stuff i really like

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The weathering, dust, and groundwork look excellent…a real stunner! Great job all around!

Thank you . It was a really fun build

Australia used the recon and apc

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