Lend Lease jerry cans

More the reason to have more than whatever came with the tank’s BII. extra cans for Oil, Hydraulic Fluid, etc…

Top 5 subjects with never ending circles.

  1. German paint color.
  2. Gas cans
  3. Japanese plane color
  4. Zimmermitt deployment areas
  5. Russia invading Ukraine

Fifty Shades of ______________________ (<- Insert your favorite military color from the list below).

  1. Feldgrau
  2. Dunkelgelb
  3. Soviet Protective Green 4BO
  4. Olive Drab
  5. CARC Tan
  6. NATO Green

To give an idea of the importance placed on minimizing shipping volume, remember that US trucks were re-designed to use soft top cabs, not to save metal but to reduce the shipping volume of the vehicle.



The cans in the photo are flip top water cans. (Some models had two, other had three.) M4 series tanks were not issued 5-gallon fuel containers. They were issued engine oil in quart cans and recoil, small arms, and hydraulic oil as appropriate in quart or smaller cans.

And by the way, the phrase Basic Issue Items had not been invented by 1945. The term at the time was On-Vehicle Materiel.


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Not surprising. The Army does love to reinvent the wheel and call old things by new names from time to time.

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