Lend Lease Steady-breaker

I know ICMs US6 goes back to Modelist in 2003. (according to Scalemates) Seems to me I’ve seen older boxings. (Lord knows the moldings look like they were Lend Lease) Yes? No? Maybe?

For trucks, the Studebaker was the main truck sent to the Russians I believe. Take your pick iof Studebaker types used.


Great info, but nothing to do with the question of how old the kit marketed by ICM really is.

ICM’s Studebaker US6 (#303547) was the first one in plastic and was released in 2003. There were no other plastic US6 kits before it. It had a couple issues, specifically poorly molded wheels/tires. These were corrected in later releases.

ICM and Modelist one in the same? Scalemates shows the “original” was Modelist in 03. ICM reboxed it a few years later. Might be the poor molding that had me thinking it went back farther. Be nice if someone came out with a new Steady breaker … and an International Harvester … to go with all the GMCs

My bad, misread the question. Unless a Ukrainian or someone with access to those kits we won’t know. Looking around scalemates at Modelist kits, I think it mislabeled. They don’t many new tool kits and most in that era are repops for other kits. I know the kit seems old but it feels right for their moldings back then. My 0.02$ which won’t get you much these days.

A bit late, but I just saw this. It looks like Modelist does a lot of re-boxing of kits from other makers, so no doubt the ICM kit is just another one they re-boxed. Maybe they are an importer/distributor rather than maker? (Kinda like Testors or MDC did for Italeri and other makers when I was a kid in the States…) As for the 2003 date, I think Scalemates has it wrong - won’t be the first time I’ve seen “fake news” on Scalemates!

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