Length and Link Tracks

How should I put these together. It is a Tamiya kit with the long parts of the tracks having the built in sag to them. Thanks.

I built the French Armored Carrier UE that had Link-and-Length tracks. I glued the top part to make sure the sag was in the right places. Then I glued the individual links around the drive sprocket (making sure they were aligned). I put the drive sprocket on the hull and rotated it until the tracks met and glued them together (and the drive sprocket to make sure it wouldn’t move). From there, I glued the idler wheel in place then glued the individual links starting from the top and working my way down. Then I added the lower front and rear track sections then added the bottom flat part last.

Glue the individual links together with Tamiya Extra Thin before they dry completely,form them around the sprocket and idler,allow to dry completely.Once dry you can remove them to paint and weather.The long pieces on the upper and lower runs can also be painted off the tank and added once they are dry.

I really dislike them,they combine the worst of both worlds, I would rather have one piece or indies any day


I, for one, think they combine the best if both worlds, The bends around the drive sprocket and the idler look better than rubber tracks but you don’t have to worry about putting the sag into the top run.