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Come April, Hobby Boss is to release its Canadian Leopard kit fitted with a with minesweeping plough.

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Ooh thats totally awesome!
It would go great with my Canadian Leopard 2A6M with Barracuda!

Yeah that looks great , gotta get it

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Geez, am I the only one that thinks that this version begins to look a bit like a Merkava? Either way I’m in!

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You are right it does !

Sorry, you lost me there as I’m not sure as to what you’re responding to. Please explain.

Nope TAEUSS, I’ve said the same thing when I saw the picture originaly. One for the stash me thinks.

I agree with your statement that the tank begins to look like a Merkava

I think the MEXAS armour is actually made in Israel.

Sorry, you’re wrong on that one. According to Wikipedia: “The Modular Expandable Armor System (MEXAS) is a composite armour system developed by the German company IBD Deisenroth Engineering. MEXAS was introduced in 1994 and has been applied on over 20,000 combat vehicles worldwide.[1] The successor of MEXAS is the Advanced Modular Armor Protection (AMAP).”

Maybe Israel licenses it.

thanks for the correction.