Let's see our Workbench

my workspace in the basement .

Covid19 is making it very hard Tony .

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OK, here’s my workbench. We finished a portion of the basement just before the pandemic and I got set up my dream workspace. It’s divided into four areas, each with a different purpose.

This is the first area–at the back, not really visible, is where my computer sits, In front of it is the main assembly bench. It is for, well, assembling kits!

These are the other three stations: to the left is the hand-painting area, then the spray booth, and then on the far right is the decaling area.

It’s 100% Ikea furniture, some of it really old (the assembly table dates to 1999!) and some very new. I only have one chair for all four stations (the blue one), so I zoom around as needed, which adds a bit of fun…


First, you go to the AMPS Internationals every year and come home with 40 or 50 kits in the back of your truck. That quickly builds an impressive stash. Then, you retire from the Army, get remarried to someone who accepts the stash, build yourself a studio when the kids move out, and spend the rest of your days building models and grooving on tunes.


So, I guess the first thing I need to do is get me a truck!! :laughing:

You guys missed it, The first thing is to get a wife who is OK with your modeling, The rest is just logistics.


Just bookmark it, you won’t have to look for it🙂

Time to try out the new picture posting…

My bench and stash as of today. Took a corner of the basement and made a dedicated workbench, quick and dirty. Most of the rest of the basement doubles as my shop for home improvement projects, so it gets dusty down there. Thinking about expanding the bench out this winter, I want to wrap it around the corner, have a build station, and a painting station, separated by a small computer in the middle. Might actually paint it this time too.


Mate don’t tell me, just that the Aircon in the garage would consume so much electricity that it would cost me less to buy a house with an extra room! … :roll_eyes:

Yeah nah… :grin:
here in North Queensland the Tooheys is not very popular, if you see someone drinking Tooheys New or Old 90% is from New South Wales,the Tooheys ExtraDry it’s more popular.

My hole of doom/ creativity


Now you’re talkin’ . . . a fully funtional cockpit!

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the new builds so far since 2003.



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Interesting place to put those cabinets. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.


Here’s my work area - it’s one of the upstairs bedrooms. The two pictures are taken from opposite corners.

This is the actual work area:


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Organised chaos Frank … the best kind lol

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It is wonderful to see how everyone organizes their space, I have already found 3-4 ideas that I would like to implement

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Typical cheapo particle board office desk sitting on milk crates to get desired height with a custom glass top and beat up build mat.

The paint rack & custom air compressor made from a propane tank and an old discarded obsolete GE rotary compressor. Can spray at 20 psi for about 2 minutes non-stop before compressor kicks on to refill air tank tank which takes about one minute.


Nice setup Wade. I like the paint rack turned spray booth.

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Here’s my digs in the basement, when we had cats down here I needed a perimeter fence to prevent night time attacks

The stash doesn’t photograph very well , it’s partially hidden behind the workbench. “Out of sight, out of mind” you know ! Not much there but at the rate I build it should last a while

Here’s some bits of kit I’ve gathered over the years on the other side of the stash shelves.

Here’s my most recent tool acquisition, I’m finding I’m using it much more than I thought I would.

References, Concord series books on top, TMs below

Osprey, some Hunnicut