Lets see those Mistakes

I’m confused now. When I posted my SU-100 (actually more correctly SD-100, a licensed built Czech SU-100) of an Egyptian vehicle from the Suez crisis a few years ago, I was told it was a button for personnel outside the tank to alert the crew. Maybe in the Soviet version it’s just a tail light ?

My failed attempt to build an International Short Bed Cargo truck:
Slope of hood entirely wrong. As in my hood has NO slope!


This is from a museum, not sure which one. I know we’re not supposed to go by museum vehicles because they can certainly be wrong but I’m not sure at all now. I probably won’t bother correcting the model.

Tail light.

Thanks Michael I doubt that but if so, it’s probably only because you haven’t made as many mistakes as me yet :grimacing: There are hundreds of proverbs on this subject but the last word should go to that titan of modern Philosophy, Adam Ant – “If you make a mistake, you should enjoy it” :thinking:

I’ve just found a picture of a Czech-built (like your SD-100) T-34-85. Here’s the caption "This image shows the wavy exhaust pipe covers and field telephone port characteristic for Czechoslovakian T-34-85s."

Another view



or a blanking plate


Could it be that the SU-100 in Australian Armour and Artillery Museum has had a tail light added in order to comply with some regulation in Australia? It is in running condition …

Or maybe the museum staff has just made a mistake. Mistakes are not limited to modelers…

Their SU-100 appears to be a Czech-built SD-100



I used the contact form on the museum web-site to send them a query about it.
I hope they answer …

Darn Richard @metalhead85, only you could fess up to a mistake and, well it’s not really a mistake, depends on how you look at it lol. Well played :wink:

Cajun :crocodile:


Lol yeah I’m more confused then ever because both Soviet and Czech vehicles had it or something like it (?) at some point or another.

Ok, long ago, when the only 1/35 Sturmgeschutz III kit available was the Tamiya Stug.IIIG/StuH.42, I decided to do a conversion to an earlier short barrel type. The only references that I had were a few photos and a 1/48 Bandai kit. No line drawings or anything to get the dimensions right. But I did have a enough time plus a pack of Evergreen sheet styrene.

I give myself an A for effort and C for achievement… I think it’s a Stug.III E

Of course not too long after I finished this, Dragon came out with their Panzer III and Stug.III families of kits…


That’s not a building mistake, rather a Best Effort.
The only slight mistake was to ‘go for it’ instead of waiting and hoping


Not a mistake… should be moved to the “Bad Timing” category. (kidding!) :grin: