Let's talk masking fluid

I’m using microscale micromask which seems ok, but it goes down fairly transparent so I’m not really sure I have the area masked when I’m applying it.

What do people use? I use either MRP (lacquer) or Mr Surface Primer (thinned with MLT) as the coat that goes on top, fwiw.

I’ve had moderate success with the Molltow masking pens. The problem is if you’re too slow the mask adheres to the pen tip and lifts what you just masked.

I may try and extract their essence and apply with a brush.

I also use micromask and, once dry, if it looks a little thin in spots I add more. I haven’t had problems with it

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I’m a surveys worse nightmare, my sample size is one product-Micromask though for a bigger area I’m prone to masking the edges and filling in w Micro Mask.

I have to say I’m pretty pleased with this application now that I’ve done it. It’s a little blue so I can tell where it covers and it came right off. This was for masking a canopy so no paint underneath. Perhaps I will be content with it…