LF 1/16th after market footman loops/tiedowns

Hi all,

Looking for pointers towards 1/16th tie down loops

I’m on building the Classy hobby 1/16th Early Stuart and am looking for after market tie down loops.
Reason being at the rate of attrition trying to get the plastic ones off the sprue I’m going to be well short. Kind of a 25% survival rate.

Googled and oogled and all my searches in shapeways have produed nowt so hoping on of you fine people have some idea where to buy some.

Thanks in advance


Okay a little tip after some investigation.

Not my fat sausage fingers or heavy handedness but the tiny parts on the sprue are flawed or broken already.

So hers my fix… A dab of thin Cyano over the offending parts makes them much stronger. :wink:


Or replace them with 26/6 staples, though they need an extra bend


I could quickly model some up. I’d need some references and measurements.

wait. found these.

could simply be printed bigger? x2.185 or something similar.