LF 1/35 Academy M3 Stuart Turret Hatches

Title says it all. I’m looking to get a pair of the Academy M3 Stuart (Early) turret hatches. Yes…I know it’s a long shot.

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If you have no luck getting the original plastic parts, let me know if you’d be interested in me CAD and 3D printing it. I have that kit in my stash so I can replicate it.

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Thank you kindly for the offer. The hatches are attached to a resin aftermarket turret for an M3 Satan conversion so I’m trying to keep them in place if at all possible. I had to remove some clear gloss overspray and must have used a ‘hot’ thinner that started to eat away at the plastic hatches. I’ve let it set for a day or so and it’s hardening up so I may still be able to salvage them. If not, I’ll give you a shout after I remove the plastic hatches.

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