LF Sherman Three Piece Transmission Cover 1/35

Preferably from an Italeri kit.


Did Italeri do a 3-piece cover? All their Sherman-based kits I can recall had a single-piece nose…

I had assumed they might have with all the derivatives they’ve done, but after a quick eBay search apparently not. Any brand will work I suppose.

Whereabouts are you? I’m in the UK and have some I could send, if shipping isn’t too ridiculous. But I’m away on a job for the next few weeks so there will be a delay in accessing my stash…

I’m on the wrong side of the pond (Texas) but if no one else has one I’ll buy/trade for it. No hurry - I have plenty of other projects going.

Hi my friend. I live in Florida and can help you. What lower hull will you be using with? almost any may work but it would be better if we have a good mate. You can email me jlreyes18 at gmail dot com

Jose Reyes

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