LF Trumpeter LAV-AD Stinger Launch Container

I am looking for one complete Stinger Launch container from the 1/35 Trumpeter LAV-AD kit (00393). It comes with the option of either two Stinger launchers or one and a tubular FFR container. If you have one left over or one from another kit, I will take it. Let me know how much or what you need/want in trade.


Thanks in advance.

Gino, If its not really urgent and no one else comes to help, I am looking at getting this later in the month or early Sept and if it comes with 2 Stinger Launchers I will happily post you one over ok. Just let me know or I will let you know once I have it. :+1:

That will work. I am in no rush. It is for a future M6 Linebacker project.

No probs, will let you know once it gets to me.

PM sent Gino

PM replied to. Thanks.