Live resin, model kits and mail getting out of russia?

Hi guys, I’m getting no luck in Oz postal services or through eBay sellers (about kits purchased just before the Ukraine invasion) where tracking has literally stopped in their Russian dispatch centres. I have also messaged Yaroslav from Live Resin with no response to date…is anyone else hitting the same problem having made purchases.
Cheers, Jason

Im still waiting on a kit I ordered on ebay from a hobby store in Moscow a month before the invasion. I ordered 2 . Each a week apart. Got the first one the 2nd is out there somewhere.

Hi Michael, yeah I understand it is generally slow, but my concern is now buying the items about 2 and 3 days before the 24th (invasion) and watching the tracking numbers just not move since the 26th Jan. I get the feel nothing is flying out of Russia now….

All flights between Russian and EU/UK (and I think USA as well) are forbidden from both sides, so that is affecting postal services for sure:

I ordered some mini from Russia 2 days before invasion, and it wasn’t fulfilled until last Saturday, after I preemptively contact eBay support.

At least for me, the eBay reps assured me that I will get a refund if anything happens, and might be why the seller fulfill the order. Getting charged by a refund is a net loss for Russian sellers with order prior to the war.

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Ok, thank you mate, I also got this tonight from a seller….

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Thank you, yes I guess that is one good thing from using eBay/ PayPal that you can get a refund.
Another reply from Live Resin Manufacturer when I asked him about mailing of kits getting out….

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