Logistics - Interesting history of the little can that could

Jerry Cans: The True Secret Weapon of WWII

Interesting history of the little can that could.

From WW2 to Harbor Freight copies today.


Thank you for bringing that interesting bit of history to my attention. :slight_smile:

My models need more Cowbell. I mean, Jerry Cans. Probably both.

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I think I mentioned once before, that when the British Army had a School of Petroleum, and we recruits in the RAOC undertook a visit there (c.1971), I was somewhat bemused to find a Jerrican Museum there!

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Happy to share.

I confess, surprise walking into the local Harbor Freight and seeing a WW2 style Jerry can. Ended up buying it due to cool legacy.

Later discovered it was the Perfect gas can for our emergency generator :grinning:

Some “experts,” like in the video above, like to bash the US version of the Jerry can. And I will agree with many of their points about the German design; but the bottom line is, the US can has held up very well over the years. I have never seen one fail because of a bad seam, and they are still available and in use all over the place!