Long Emotional Telephone Call

I remember a “Dave Allen At Large” skit showing a soldier in British tropical uniform in Asia making a very long and emotional telephone call to someone else, presumably a superior officer. Then a Japanese soldier taps him on the shoulder and asks, “Excuse me, how long are you going to be? Other people wish to use the phone.” And there is a long line of people in different costumes, including one of Hitler.

I assume this is a movie scene, but from which one?


Don’t know the sketch, but I loved his comedy shows! His passing left the world a sadder place.

I remember watching him as a kid. His religious skits among others always had me in stitches.

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Actually, my favorite one is where he plays James Bond, and as he leaves his office, everyone tells him, “Don’t fail”, and he promises not to. Then he gets into his sports car with another man, and the car drives wildly, crashing through some garbage. They get out and the other man says, “Unfortunately, Mr. Bond, you failed your driving test.”


The sketch makes me think of British troops disembarking at Singapore in 1942 and being ordered to pile arms and report to Changi Prison for internment by the IJA.