Long shot photo ID

I ordered RFM’a Firefly VC the other day. I stumbled across this picture,


And I think I would like to build mine similarly. It stands out to me as interesting for three reasons, it’s apparently Canadian (I know photo captions are often wrong), it seems to be one of the few that wore the fenders which I think look neat, and the straw camo is fun! So I was wondering if anyone has more info or can identify the unit

I found a PDF in Dutch that seems to indicate your Firefly was with the 5th Canadian (Armoured) Division. But Google Translate can only get me so far. Here’s the link to the PDF if you want to try getting it translated.


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Thank you! That would check out! The 5th Canadian armored got moved from Italy to the Netherlands and reequipped with Sherman’s in January 1945. They then took part in the operation cleanser the document references.

Yellow straw camo also makes more sense to me for Netherlands in early spring 1945 than summer in France 1944

Glad to help! :beers:

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Found one that appears to show the rear of another one in that troop…

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Thanks!! That’s a good photo! Too bad the jerry can is covering the left rear fender where the unit marking is