Look what I found yesterday! - British M270A1 MLRS

Was out and about and came across this in a barracks. Amazing what people leave laid about haha.


I hope the Comd remembers where he parked it lol … nice reference pics though

Made me realise how much I miss green kit. I’m in Catterick Garrison regularly and see a lot of stuff but rarely this up close.

Was it in to have the wheels painted to match or to have the scratches on the launcher buffed out? :rofl:

Nice find and nice pics.

somebody better secure that vehicle because i can hear people talking in Ukrainian and the sound of a tractor approaching :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I noticed that also, the sprocket rings and idlers are also that shade of green. It’s like a forest green to my eyes while the vehicle is olive.

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They have a long journey haha.


Didn’t take any pics of under the launcher and into the turntable by any chance Maximus?

Asking for a friend :grin:

You know what I didn’t, however my colleague works in that barracks so if it is still out I’ll ask him to take a couple and fire them across to me.

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Thank you very much!

Just spoken to my colleague and he has let me know that the unit, which is a reserve unit has gone on Easter leave. It should be out again next week so he says he will take some then.

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Looks sort of like the field green/olive drab scheme the new M1A2 V3 s bound for Poland have been seen in.

Cheers. Thank him for me too.

Now that to my eyes is an unusual colour.

Will a Bundeswehr MLRS do the job? I have a few pics from the launcher and turntable on my HD.

2 obvious tones of green ?

The more the merrier Hermann. That would be great. Thanks in advance -I’ll be away for a few days!

Here you go…


The 2 little fire extinguihers seem woefully inadequate for anything other than a tea kettle fire! (Hahaha)

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Standard 2kg dry powder extinguisher. Meant for small electrical or fuel fires. I imagine there is a fixed fire system also that injects into the engine compartment. Anything beyond that and the vehicle is lost anyway.