Look What the Tide Washed Up!

So I always thought that the thread highlighting new kits that everyone bought or received was a great idea. It brought attention to kits that some builders may not be aware of. With that in mind I hope this is acceptable.

I will start, over the past couple of weeks the postman has brought my recent acquisitions with a primary focus on IJN Cruisers -

The top kit is the Aoshima 1/350 IJN light Cruiser Nagara and the botom is the Aoshima 1/350 IJN Light Cruiser Isuzu

What is not pictures is the IJN Heavy Cruiser Maya - yes I built it before but it was destroyed in a move - now that I am permanent it is a great time to rebuild.

I hope this thread keeps going.



That’s a great haul!

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Some nice acquisitions there, Dave… yep-I reckon this thread will keep going! :grin:

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Nice catch Dave! I´ve build the Isuzu about one or two years before - she have a lot AA-guns :smirk:

In case you didn´t knew: There are upgrade sets for both the Isuzu and the Kuma; I believe it was Flyhawk.




Thanks - looking forward to cracking them open - I have the Flyhawk upgrade for the nagara, need to acquire the one for the Isuzu and the Maya.


I saw some Black Cat 3D printed Type 96 IJN Dual 25mm AA guns listed on ebay. Normally use Infini Model PE set but figured I’d give the Black Cats a try. They arrived today and to be honest they look good. Might need to add PE aiming reticles

We’ll see how well they take paint soon. Might just use them on the Tama


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WOW, these look great! I find myself becoming a huge Black Cat fan!


I do admit that they look good - anxious to get them off the sprue so that I can get a better look at them.


I have been in a spending spree lately trying to acquire those hard to find kits. The postman delivered one such kit today.

1/350 Aoshima IJN Light Cruiser Kuma

I also scored a 1/350 Aoshima Kinu today which rounds out Aoshima’s 5,500 ton IJN Light Cruiser line


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