Looking for 1/35 finemolds type 89

Is anyone out there willing to part with this kit, I’d be more then willing to pay. I can’t seem to find it anywhere as of late.

No idea what their shipping is like to the US but here ya go

Thanks for the link @Mead93 , shipping’s looking like $30 so far

There are several available on eBay but all from Japan.

@RDT1953 thats what I’m considering. I wish i had gotten the ones out of Austin Texas back in august. Boy am i kicking myself

Are you located in Austin? I can see if shipping is better to me. I’m moving to Houston in January and could haul ot down with me

No I’m in Columbus Georgia. I’m sorry when i say is we it in Austin it was on ebay. It looks like he sold out of kits in the month @Mead93

Ah too bad, if you have of been in Austin I could of bought the one in Canada and brought to down to Texas

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@Mead93 i appreciate that thought. Unfortunately I’m a few states over

Best of luck finding one, I’m having the same issue you are with an F-18. Should have bought it when I saw it

@Mead93 i know, this is what i get for behaving when i shoulda just got it and hid it in the stash

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